Message from our President & CEO

President & CEO

Hafa Adai,

DZSP 21 LLC has a proud history working in Guam. We have employees that have been here since the beginning and even before the beginning. We mix that with newer employees, such as me, to create an excellent balance.

DZSP 21 LLC remains committed to providing excellent service under new contracts on Guam. We are forward thinking in identifying and enacting new ideas. However, the most important thing for us if for our employees to return home each day in the same condition they arrived at work.

We are a team of employees that loves to support our fighting forces. We understand the significance of the work we do. We are a gratified member of the community of Guam.

We strive to be the company of choice for our customers and for our employees. Our employees should know that DZSP 21 LLC is a safe, productive and fun place to work. With that, our customers will remain satisfied that we will know the way to get the job done- we have the right people in place to do so.

For our client, we partner to solve the issues under contract. We work for collaboration that only helps the ultimate customer, the warfighter. Our services we provide are to be steadfast and automatic for our customer. We work to find the most efficient and cost-effective means to get the job done, while also working to provide services promptly.

Under our leadership, DZSP 21 LLC, is planning to continue to work for the people of Guam and the local military communities to make life better and do so for years to come.


Charles B. Hazzard III